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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Tutorial: Make Paper with Digis and Word!

Many of our digi sets include printable patterned papers that coordinate well with the images in the sets. In crafting, I use these often, because they make the process of creating so easy. But every once in a while I decide that I want something a little different than the papers already included in a set. For example, a particular greeting might catch my eye, and I think, "I would really like to have that as a repeating background in a paper!" Using Photoshop, I am able to do this, but I realize that not everyone has access to that tool. Recently, however, I learned an easy little trick using Microsoft Word by which one can take any digi in a set and use it to create a very simple, patterned paper. For example, on the card shown above, I used the "ConGRADulations" greeting from the "ConGRADulations" digi set to make the background paper. I'm sure I'm not the only one who likes to do this sort of thing, so for today's Tuesday Tutorial, I thought I'd share the process with you, so you, too, can enjoy a little more flexibility in your digi crafting.

Please note that this tutorial assumes a basic understanding of how to place, make moveable, and resize digis in Word. Because I've covered these techniques extensively in previous tutorials, I will not focus on them today. But if you are new to using digis, or need a refresher on these steps, please read our Digi Stamps 101 tutorial. Also, for this tutorial, I'll be using Microsoft Word 2010. If you'd like to follow along with my directions  using Word 2010, but don't currently have this program installed on your computer, you can download a free 60-day-use trial of Microsoft Office 2010 HERE (Microsoft Word is included in the Office suite of programs).

Creating a Patterned Paper Using Digis and Word

1. Open a new, blank document in Word.

2. Insert the digi that you wish to use in the Word document.

DESIGN NOTE: I usually use the PNG version of a digi when creating patterned papers. This is because the PNG images have transparent backgrounds, whereas the JPG images have solid, white, rectangular backgrounds. Using PNG images means that if the images overlap a bit in their placement in the Word document, they won't be obscured by white background boxes.

3. Once you have placed the digi in the Word document, set "Wrap Text" on the image to "Tight" so that the digi is moveable within the document.

4. Adjust the size of the digi as necessary.

5. Adjust the "Zoom" of the Word document so that you can see the entire page as you work. To do this, click on View on the toolbar. Then from the pull-down menu, select "Zoom." When the Zoom window opens, click the radio button next to "Full Page," and then click the OK button.

With these adjustments made, it's time to create your pattern.

6. If the digi is not already selected in the document window (blue rectangle appearing around it), click on it with your mouse to select it.

7. Drag the digi to wherever you want it to be in the document.

DESIGN NOTE: This first digi will be the cornerstone for your patterned paper, so give some thought to how you want it placed. Be sure to pay attention to the page margins, so that the pattern you lay out falls inside the printable area of the page.

8. Now you are going to replicate the original digi to begin to create the pattern. To do this, simply press down and hold the ALT key on your keyboard, and then, while still doing that, left-click on the digi with your mouse, and holding down the left mouse button, drag away from the digi. This will create a duplicate of the original digi.

9. Release the ALT key and the left mouse button, and you will see that you have a second digi in the Word document.

10. Click on this digi to select it, and drag it to wherever you would like it in the document.

Repeat steps 8 thru 10, duplicating and placing the digis until you have a background that you like. You might create something linear...

...Or something a bit more random.

You can size the digis differently for a fun look...

...Or use more than one original digi, from the same or different digi sets, to create your pattern.

As with all things crafty, the only limit is your imagination!

11. Once you have filled the Word document with a pattern that you like, be sure to save the Word document to your computer so that you don't lose it.

12. Then, simply print it out on a paper of your choice.

That's all there is to it! If you have any questions, please leave them in the Comments section of this post, and I will respond ASAP. If you would like a direct reply, please be sure to include your email address. Until next time! :-)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

We have Winners!

A huge thank you to all of the blog hoppers from this last Sunday's hop!  We have some winners to announce.  If your name is on the list, you will be emailed your prize by today.  Congratulations!

Jerusha - Penny
Laura - Donna from Lakefront Stamping Creations
Sarah T. - Gail  from I Like Paper
Laurie - Sammi from Sammibug's Scrapshack
Cassie - AJ from AJ Scrapbooking & Cards
Jen - Patty from Hap Scrappy
Kathy - Debra from Cream City Angels
Linda - Leeann from Paper Doll's Creation

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Blog Hop -- Yellow Like the Sun

Welcome to the Clearly Digital Sunday Blog Hop!  These blog hops are the third Sunday of every month....a must see for a lazy Sunday afternoon!
Each month we will have a theme which each Design Team member is challenged to interpret any way they like. 
The theme for April is:

Yellow like the Sun

Now for some hopping!
We ask that you browse through each Design Team member's post and leave them an encouraging comment....short or long, they all are appreciated!
There will be a prize each month!  Each DT member is showcasing a digital image, and you could win that image!  There will be a winner from each participating DT member's blog.  
WINNER:  The winners will be randomly chosen from comments received on DT member blogs. The winners will be announced on the CDS blog Thursday, April 25th.
Let's go look and see what my other DT members did!
Remember, leave an encouraging comment and be entered to win our contest....the more comments, the more times you are entered!

Have fun hopping, my friends, and be sure to leave comments along the way!  You could be the winner of a digital image!
Thanks for hopping with us!  
Hope your day is filled with blessings and stamping galore!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April Digi Day at Clear Dollar Stamps!

Hello Everyone!

It's time for another digi release day today!  Be prepared to be inspired!
But first.......
Are you new to digis?
Well, if you are, here is a quick explanation.  You will buy and download a "zipped up" file.  You will unzip this file and receive all the images in jpg and png formats.  You will then pull those into a Word doc or picture editor and print, print, print.
  {Click Here} for a little tutorial and FREE digi that will help you learn the ropes!

Digis by Deedee Anderson

Isn't this just the cutest little cow set?  I can't wait to use it for some scrap pages!  We live on a farm with my in-laws and we get to see precious little calves all the time....as a matter of fact, we are adopting a little black baby to bottle feed this month!  Her mama rejected her, so we get to call her our own!  I also foresee a cute little card set for my mother-in-law!

Cow Are You Digital Image

Design and Copyright by Deedee Anderson.  Licensed by CDS.

The DT members who created previews with this digi:

Oh, won't this be cute on recipe card?  Or what about a little hostess gift when you go to someone's house for dinner?  So many possibilities!  I love the images that you can set on the tray...just perfect!  I need more time to craft, yes I do!

What's Cooking Digital Image

Design and Copyright by Deedee Anderson. 

The DT members who created previews with this digi:

What a beautiful set.   Deedee just covered everything with this set for moms and dads to friendship.  I think my favorite is the little bitty hand holding the adult finger...I remember those days!

Loving Hands Digital Image

Design and Copyright by Deedee Anderson. Licensed by CDS.

The DT members who created previews with this digi:

Digis by Laurie Wilson

What a nice and bright springy set!  Perfect for anytime cards and friendship cards!  Don't you just love the beautiful papers that Laurie does with all of her sets?  I sure do!

Tiny Fruit Bunch Digital Image

Designed by Laurie Wilson.  Copyright Clear Dollar Stamps.

The DT members who created previews with this digi:

This set always makes my chuckle!  Why you ask?  My husband's uncle got attacked by bees shortly after this stamp set came out...so I had this perfect set to make a very beeee-utiful special card for him!  He still talks about that card and how much he loved it!

Now, we have converted it to a digital set and we have papers to match...what could be better?!

Charlie Bee Digital Image

Designed by Laurie Wilson.  Copyright Clear Dollar Stamps.

The DT members who created previews with this digi:

What an adorable little Ostrich....I didn't know Ostriches could be adorable, but they sure can!

I know a lot of my cards go to friends and this set is going to be perfect for that!

Oliver Ostrich Digital Image

Designed by Laurie Wilson.  Copyright Clear Dollar Stamps.

The DT member who created previews with this digi:
Papers, papers, papers!  These are so cute and match our Patchpal friends that are out and about the store.....take a look at some of the links below!

 Patch Paper Digital Image

Designed by Laurie Wilson.  Copyright Clear Dollar Stamps.

Go to Patch Paper Digital Image

The DT members who created previews with this digi:
Jen Young 

Digis by Lisa Lara

Isn't Elly so sweet?  My cousin just loves elephants....another card opportunity!  Plus, the way Lisa has designed this little guy, he is perfect for paper piecing and layering!

Elly Fun Digital Image

Designed by Lisa Lara.  Copyright Lisa's Doodley Doos.  Licensed by CDS.

The DT members who created previews with this digi:

Oh my goodness!  I think this is one of the cutest little puppy sets!  Isn't the puppy looking out the window just adorable?  So cute!

Woof  Digital Image

Designed by Lisa Lara. Copyright Lisa's Doodley Doos.  Licensed by CDS.

The DT members who created previews with this digi:

Digital Images by Austin Owens

Home is Where the Heart Is Digital Image

Cute, cute, cute! Take a look at the scrapbook pages and be inspired!  This set would be perfect for a new neighbor or a friend who is moving!
Designed by Austin Owens. Copyright Austie Bost Stamps.  Licensed by CDS.

The DT members who created previews with this digi:

Oh, don't you just love papers and backgrounds!  I love how Austin did them in so many color waves!

Backgrounds II Digital Image

Designed by Austin Owens. Copyright Austie Bost Stamps. Licensed by CDS.

The DT members who created previews with this digi:

Make sure to leave comments for our talented illustrator and sample designers...they love to hear from you!

Hope your day is filled with blessings and crafting galore!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Clearly Inspired Challenge Winners

Wow!  We had a total of 248 participants over the month of March!  That is amazing, and a great place to take a break for the summer.  Since we had so many participants that means that we have 3 winners for the $10 gift code and a whopping 12 winners for the featured digital image :D  Here they are at random:

$10 Gift Code Winners:

Featured Digital Image Winners:

Congratulations winners!  Please contact Cassie (cassandratrask@yahoo.com) by the end of the month to claim your prize.  Thank you to all of the participants for playing along, and we will see you after the summer!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Okay I am back today as promised with my 
Embossed Frame Tutorial. 
I used my digi 

With this technique it is a little tricky lining the die right up to your image so you may want to leave more of a border than I did so you can line up your die evening around your image.  I love using digis with this technique because you can make them the size you want to fit your die. 

I am going to show you the method I use for embossing a spellbinders frame onto your card.  Note: I am using a Cuttlebug.  Sandwiches may be different for other machines. 
First part of your sandwich when using the Cuttlebug...A plate. 

Next place a piece of cardstock on top of A plate. (mine is 5 1/2 x 8 1/2)

Place spellbinders mat on next. 

Now another piece of cardstock to keep your card clean. 

Place your card you want to emboss on top and place the die where you want it.  (I tried placing tape on it to hold the die in place and got lines where the tape was...so I don't use it)

Top with another piece of paper to protect your card. 

Top with two B plates.  Now load the front where your image is from the back of the machine and ONLY GO OVER THE IMAGE THEN PULL BACK OUT THE WAY YOU PUT IT IN.  This is so you don't get a line from going over your embossing pad. 

That is all there is to it. 
Would love to see what you make! 

Oh thought I'd add some other samples of this technique from older cards I've made.
Here I used my digi DANGLES
 The pattern paper I used is from this digi. 


Here I used HAVE A HEART

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Hi Lisa Here. Are you wondering why I'm posting a Christmas card?
Well today is my Tuesday Tutorial day but I am sick.  So I am posting an example of the technique
I am going to show you ..... TOMORROW.  
This is a card I made for my Christmas cards last year using this technique.  I love how I can make the digi the size of 
the die I am using.  
Tune in tomorrow, Wednesday when i post my full tutorial (not a Christmas card ...hee). 
See you then.