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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Challenge #3 - Pick a Holiday.....ANY Holiday!!

Thanks to everyone who played in Challenge #2! The winner will be posted in a just a bit so check back in about an hour.

Challenge #3: Pick a Holiday.....Any Holiday!
You can do a traditional holiday (Christmas, Halloween, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc) or you could one that is not so traditional. I love looking up all the different fun off the wall Holidays (which some people think today is one....but we won't listen to them!) that we COULD celebrate! So I have listed a few I found for May and June that I thought would make a great card.

May is: National BBQ Month, Bike Month and Hamburger Month!
5/6 (Monday) - National Nurses Day
5/7 - National Teachers Day
5/12 - Mother's Day
5/13 - Frog Jumping Day
5/15 - National Choc Chip Day (YUM)
5/16 - Love a Tree Day
5/20 - Pick Strawberries Day

June is: National Candy Month, Dairy Month, National Adopt a Cat Month and National Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Month!
6/8 - Best Friends Day
6/18 - Go Fishing Day
6/23 - National Pink Day

I got my card done so I could give you an example! I went with the traditional holiday - Mother's Day. Only because I have several orders I still need to finish and Mother's Day is NEXT SUNDAY (in the U.S.)!!!

For more information on this card check out my blog, DunnitAgain Designs.

 Prize: A $5.00 Gift Code to the CDS store for digital images (expires May 13, 13)
Challenge Rules:
  • You may use any digis or stamps from any company on your challenge entries. Or no stamps at all but must have the item the challenge is requiring.
  • Please, no back posting. Your challenge entry needs to be a new creation.
  • Must link directly to your post that contains your entry.
  • Any submission that does not fit the challenge rules will be eliminated from winning a prize.
  • Have FUN!!
 Please link directly to your project using Mister Linky down below.  We also ask that you link back here to Clearly iStamp sponsored by Clearly Digital Stamps.

The challenge will run from 2 pm - 7 pm!!
**In your blog post please list what holiday your card is for.


Beate said...

Thank you for this funny theme...
Hugs MamaBeate

Sunshine HoneyBee said...

I'm confused and not wanting to get anyone angry but the entry posted by 1st person was posted at 12:34pm today and since this challenge starts at 2pm then is that not backlinking? Reason I ask is because there is one other person I know that posted a Mother's Day Card before the 2pm and figuring she may want to know if she can post it or would that be backlinking also? Like I said I'm not trying to make trouble; ok trouble is my middle name sometime. I'm working on my card now and did not post it earlier because I was still working on it and can now finish up an post without it being backlinked. Ok, going to my crafting corner.
"Sunshone HoneyBee"

Beate said...

I am sorry... but the clock of my computer is wrong... and I am to silly to make it right. The Computer clock now shows 13.17, but the real tim in Germany is 22.18. My Post is really a new Post.


Sunshine HoneyBee said...

Ok. Computers can be such a pain some time. Sorry that your time on your computer is not correct. I'm glad that your post is a new one & was just trying to ask the question in case anyone had this issue. I just finished my entry.
"Sunshine HoneyBee"

Beate said...

I have now explaines it in my Post. I am so sorry.


Kathy D. said...

I totally understand about not knowing how to fix something on a computer. I know enough to be dangerous! Good thing for husbands who are good at computers.
Should be posting the winner for challenge 2 very soon.

Leeann said...

I'm squeezing one more in almost done!

I almost made an "Adopt a fruit and vegetable" card, I'm glad I read your post again Kathy ;)

Btw, the time you see in posts is the blogger's local time so you can't really go by that if you're trying to track when a card was posted. Plus it looks like she posted her card specifically for this challenge, I have a feeling she's not psychic.

Beautiful cards so far ladies!

Unknown said...

Hi, I posted a Mother's Day card I made from a Clear Dollar digi!!! Happy Scrapbook Day everyone!!

Edwina said...

I made a Christmas card. I have already made a Mother's Day card for Mom. I like the cute penguin I used. He is so fun. Edwina Brown

Beth F. said...

Thanks for another fun challenge!

mulberry station said...

Thanks for a fun challenge.
Got a second card done.

Debbie said...

I almost missed this one! Got so busy making dinner, I almost forgot to post my card! LOL
Thanks for another great challenge!!