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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Homemade notepad for the Refrigerator

Good Morning!

Today I'm going to show you how to make your own notepad for your refrigerator! With the new Rainbow Notes Digital Image that came out last month this is a super easy project that would be cute to give as a gift.
It would make a great gift for teachers or stocking stuffers.... or co-workers!

How to in Word:
Step 1: Click on the tab that says "INSERT". Pick the file you want to use. I used the green rectangle jpeg image.
Step 2: Repeat above and this time pick the PNG line notes file
Step 3: Keep the line notes file highlighted. Click on the tab that says "TEXT WRAPPING". A bar drops down and click on "IN FRONT OF TEXT"
Step 4: Right click on line notes and drag on top of notepad image.

**To fit another one on the page I made my margins smaller. Then I clicked on the notepad image and right click to hit "COPY". Then hit "PASTE" next to the image you have. Repeat for the line notes.
Step 5: Print on cardstock. I printed 8.

How to in Photoshop:

Step 1: Open the files you want to use. I opened the yellow JPEG notepad image and the PNG line notes.
Step 2: Click on the line notes so it is selected. Hit Ctrl A (select all). Hit Ctrl C (copy)
Step 3: Click on notepad image so it is selected. Hit Ctrl V (paste). The line should appear in the white box. If it doesn't then select the move tool and place it where you want it.
Step 4: Print as many copies as you want. I printed one on one side. Then turned the paper and ran it back through to get two to a page.

How to put it together into a Magnetic Note Pad:

Step 1: When the images are printed out it is time to cut them.

Step 2: Leave a 1/2 inch on the top. That is where you will put the adhesive.

Step 3: I perforated right on the green where my 1/2 border is. This way I can easily tear them off. If you don't have a tool to do that you could score it and that should give it a place to tear when you want to rip it off.
Step 4: Place 1/4 inch scor-tape along the edge where you perforated. I did it on the backside. Do this on each piece of notepaper.
Step 5: Peel off the scor-tape and stick each piece of paper together to make a pad of paper!
Step 6: Cut a piece of cardboard or mat board the same size as the notepad. Put 1/2 inch scor-tape on the last sheet of paper. Stick on cardboard.
Step 7: Add a magnet to the cardboard.
Step 8: Stick on fridge and enjoy! Now I have a pretty notepad that matches my kitchen!
You could also add ribbon to the top and make it look a little fancy!

Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and have a fun crafty day!


Jennifer said...

This is fantastic! I love having these fridge pad so I am going to have to make one! Thanks so much for the tutorial!

Austin Stevenson Owens said...

I love it! How clever is this idea!!!

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Unknown said...

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